As an Iranian woman who has experienced living abroad, I got motivated to explore and show the life of women I encounter with on a daily basis. I try to go deeper in their lives; their goals, dreams and struggles. From outside, the subjects around Iranian women might just cover the highlighted issues. However, in this series I'm exposing the life of women in their ordinary life. I try to step into their privacy, where they are more relieved and don't have to follow the rules that are set by the society. This is a project about women in Iran who are in positions of power in their home, work and social life including lawyers, doctors, designers, trainers, etc.  This work aims to show something both ordinary and exceptionally important for Iranians but I believe quite unusual for western audiences more used to stories about Iran through the prism of hijab, veiling, and unveiling. At this time of explosive geopolitical rhetoric, my project aims to show another dimension of Iranian society and the important role women play as vital participants.

This is a project in progress.