Marjan Yazdi was born in Iran in 1987. She has received her degree in professional photo-imaging at Langara College, Vancouver, Canada. Upon her graduation, she returned to Iran to pursue a professional career as a photographer. 

Marjan started documentary photography as her main focus since 2016. Her curiosity to explore the human's nature bonded her to story telling. Through photography she explores, investigates and exposes the most inner layers of human being, regardless of nationality or race. She appreciates the complex blend of local, tribal and international cultures and religions in Iran. In her work Marjan adopts a fine art documentary style, and strives to critically examine socio-cultural mores and nuances; whilst referencing Iranian culture in everyday life.

Marjan has published her first photography book entitled " A Thousand Alleyways of Solitude", which she documents the street life of people living in the historical city of Yazd. She has been awarded in Moscow Foto Award in 2015 and international photo award in 2017. Her latest project," Wildlife Protectors", has been published in National Geographic in March 2019. Her works also have been featured in publications such as NPR and OZY.